Why and How We Focus on Business Planning and IRS Problem Resolution

With more than 30 years of staff experience in finance, accounting and economics, Christopher Hunt & Associates, PC has helped turn struggling start-ups into multi-million dollar businesses and resolved IRS issues for numerous clients. We specialize in tax preparation and planning, business planning and IRS problem resolution because these arenas provide the greatest value and return on investment to our clients. However, we are also experts in a range of other services that align with our goal to make your life less taxing and more profitable, and we view “doing” taxes as one piece of this much broader picture that we focus on.

We take a very direct approach in our relationships and communications with clients because we are devoted to your success: If you’re making mistakes that could be catastrophic, we don’t sugarcoat our advice (even if you’re really excited about making those mistakes). So, it is vital that the clients we work with be able to stomach hard truths.

Why We’re Not “One and Done”

We prevent you from spending time and money that you won’t ever get back when they’re gone.

The best way to ensure your success, and not make potentially crippling financial mistakes, is to have an ongoing relationship with an accountant you can trust, who is an expert at helping you take action on the broad picture of your success. Whether you choose Christopher Hunt & Associates or another firm, you will save time and money in the long term by investing in a great accountant. Meeting with your accountant for an hour per month, only 12 hours per year, will be much less costly than the alternative.

About Chris Hunt

Chris Chris Hunt HeadshotHunt, President of Christopher Hunt & Associates, has been practicing accounting since 1978 and has been surprising clients ever since. As an enrolled agent, he is licensed to practice and represent you before the IRS. He represents clients in and outside of the US, with a focus on helping them find unknown, but always legal, ways to leverage capital, increase profits and resolve IRS problems. He thrives on helping businesses and individual taxpayers find their backbones in dealing with Uncle Sam and their finances.

You are welcome to take a trip to beautiful Vashon Island, Washington to meet with Chris at his office, or he’ll meet you at your office, in the real world.